My name is Debbie Cameron, and this is my first attempt at blogging. It’s not my first attempt at writing: I’m an academic by trade, and I’ve written a few academic books on subjects related to this blog–as well as one more popular book, The Myth of Mars and Venus. You can follow me on Twitter @wordspinster.

I hope this blog is a useful resource for people studying language and gender at school or university, but please note that I can’t respond to individual requests for help with your academic work.


3 thoughts on “Author

  1. Hi Debbie. Enjoyed reading your blog – came across it when looking for the ancient etymology of the word spouse, and google pointed me at your ‘wife’ blog. I was curious because where I live in Orkney, Wife just means ‘woman’ and has no connotations of marital status. Hence I use the word ‘spouse’ to denote my marital partner as it is gender neutral and definitely involves being married. Your blog doesn’t mention this so I though you might like to know that there is a place in the UK where being a wife is purely about gender and not about status.


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